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Charlotte Dawson Bullied on Twitter, Hospitalized

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Charlotte Dawson, host of Australia's Next Top Model was hospitalized after enduring weeks of bullying, all calling for her to kill herself. One report says she attempted suicide, but since it is a tabloid site, and no legitimate site has confirmed, we have to say we don't know the reason.

What we do know is hundreds of fake Twitter accounts were opened for the express purpose of harassing Dawson, who is also an activist against bullying and trolls.

She went so far as to find one of her trolls, Tanya Heti, who was a mentor at a program for youth at a University. Dawson called her boss and the alleged troll was promptly suspended.

Though this is the worse case I have witnesses, it seems to be par for course for celebrities and their fans. People who tweet celebs are targeted by the trolls.

As stated, most trolls open fake accounts to hide their identity. Sadly, some are people who act normal on their real accounts, but go to their evil alter ego to spread hate, lies, rumors, etc.


Twitter has been unable to deal with most trolls, especially the kind Charlotte Dawson endured. It's easy to block a few, but she had hundreds if trolls. Making it even more difficult are the varying laws. Some Countries have not added or amended laws to include cyber bullying.

Then you factor in that most of the trolls are not just in one Country and you open up an international pandora's box.the thing is though, something has to change. Dawson is an adult, but imagine that level if hate being directed at a vulnerable child.

With fake identities and possible international cyber bullies, how us a parent or school to protect their child. Particularly when you factor in that most children who are bullied hide it or on the opposite end, too many adults think bullying us some kind of rite of passage and so dismiss it,

Newspapers online and off are filled with teens committing suicide due to cyber bullying. Perhaps the time has come for tougher leaps since the damage is far more severe. It's not like bully's are limited to the few people around them due to all the platforms and forums available to them.

In Dawson's case, the vicious bullying took place through a group using a forum. This group is known for their attacks, but few, if any arrest have been made due to the lack of law and accountability.

A group if strangers came together to conduct a terrorist act on a woman trying to protect people from bullies and ended up in the hospital. What can be done to prevent another attract which could lead to someone's death?


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