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Are you Nice or Nasty?

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I was watching Tyler Perry's Play, A Madea Christmas, and in one particular scene, the unwilling host had just apologized for being rude to Madea and her family and then proceeded to insult them again. Of course Madea was not going to have that. She told the lady she can't be both nice and nasty, you are either one or the other. It's sort of like in the Bible when Paul says that you can't speak both blessings and cursings out of the same mouth, though Lord knows some try. I have watched some people use God's name, and yap about how good He is while in the same breath cuss people out. It's easy just to say it's hypocrisy, but really it reveals more than that. It reveals a lack of connection to the good, though there is an "appearance" of it. They know how to play nice, talk nice, etc when it is convenient to them, but when something or someone comes along who they THINK don't deserve common courtesy, they throw off the appearance and display their true self. To reference the Bible again, it's like when Jesus referred to wolves in sheeps clothing. On the outside you may not see it, but it's there. Why am I writing this? Well, it's simple, President Obama won re-election and so called "believers" have moved from the nice to the nasty. Again, can't help this reference, but overlooking that the same Bible they claim to read and believe speaks unkindly of those who speak against the leaders of their land when they should be praying for them. It is easy to complain when we don't get our way, but quite another to pray that what is in the best interest of the Country take place through the person the people chose to lead it. Try as you might there is no permission given to speak evil (cursing/nasty) over those you don't agree with politically. However, if you are going to then please dispense with the appearance of being nice when you are really just being nasty.
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Katherine Phillips said...

I absolutely love this post. Everything in it is so true.