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The Everyone But Me Crowd

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The last few weeks I have been sorta baffled by the "It doesn't happen to people like me" crowd. Or, the ones who think somehow rules apply to "everyone but me." Some of it I will throw off as youthful naivety, others fall into snobs or in denial.
This Doesn't Happen to People Like Me The victim who continues to date an abuser because it's "easier" to be mentally abused than to be an adult and put on your grown up pants and just admit that you made an error in judgment.
The former nonprofit leaders who instead of going out of business with class decided to act like it's a blackout and looting is in style. What they built over years has taken them minutes to destroy.
The Troll who when he/she gets called out and busted, begs for secrecy or privacy, while they destroy people.
The biographer who didn't have enough class not to mess with another woman's man just to get "access" to information.
Blame Others at All Cost
In each of these, the blame is always pointed elsewhere. It's never their fault, but the circumstance. Years ago, I heard someone say the Devil doesn't tempt you with something you would not consider doing. I think there is a lot of truth in that.
You see, the victim thinks they are so smart and can read everyone so it is impossible that someone could be smarter. The former nonprofit peeps played fast and loose with integrity and it caught up with them. If not in reality, then by perception.
The troll doesn't care who they harm, but turn it around and expose the cowards who hide behind pseudonyms and anonymity, and they have a problem.
The biographer just fit the stereotype of typical bimbo who slept her way, or as a friend of mine would say, sold her vagina get to opportunities and access, which she then used in a "Fatal Attraction" way towards someone she thought was going to get close to her meal ticket.
You Can Change Your Path Life happens and sometimes mistakes are made. Sometimes bad decisions are made. Sometimes you start out honest and end up a fraud. Here's the thing, it's all on you. Unlike children who need others to make decisions for them, as an adult, it's on you, so if the life you have led is not all rosy, then perhaps it's time to stop and figure out where you went instead of continuing down the wrong path. It will take a while to see success, but to continue down the wrong path will only lead to more misery and worst choices. Stop the Cycle!
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Katherine Phillips said...

I put this blog in my bookmarks. Another great article.