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I have a colorful set of friends and acquaintances. So much so, I wonder if at times I am on a never ending episode of Candid Camera. Over the last few weeks I have watched mini-soap operas play out. Some of them have had me shaking my head in disgust, while others have made me more aware of a human's need for love and attention.
Surprise! Victim Returns to Abuser!
The emotionally abused friend went back to the abuser. My guess is because it was easier than standing on their own. All the "truth" about him has been put away until the next time they fight or he dumps her. Statistically, it takes 5 times for a victim to leave an abuser, although not sure if that's just physical abusers or all of them.
If it's Not Nailed Down, Take It!
My world was rocked when people who I had respected were shown to be unworthy of it. What they did I cannot put into a blog post, but lets just say, good riddance to bad rubbish.
I Can Dish Opinions With the Best of Them
Finally made the transition for my business which needed to happen a year ago. Looking forward to what lies ahead as I start publishing my own thoughts instead of just those from 100 years ago. Am over half way through with short e-book called "The Seven Sins of the Church: Can She Survive?"
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