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Are We Just Looking for a Fight

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For the last couple of days I have gotten into some disagreements over various things with people in the media on Twitter. In one I offended someone for calling someone they, nor I know, a "snitch." and in another for saying the media was hyping whether Beyonce lip-synced or not for no other reason than views and ratings.

Much is made of the idea that you have to be engaged with your readers. In a sense to prove there is an ROI to the boss who is allowing them to tweet on company time, but I have walked away from these two experiences wondering if people are just looking for a fight in order to get more followers, have others chime in, so it can escalate, or is it just lack of proper social skills.

I hate to think it, but here were two people in the media who seemed to have purposely tried to start a Twitter fight over nothing. In the first one, the person was actively asking others to jump in to add credence to her faux outrage. There were no real bites on it, but it puzzled me that she felt she had to do it in the first place.

So how did I handle these two situations? In the first instance, it escalated to the point where no love was lost. While on the second, I refused to let it escalate it so I ended it with a NICE tweet. I offer you the same advice, don't let something get out out of control. Nip it in the bud. Control your stream. You will learn really quickly who the ones are just looking for a fight to get followers.


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