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I Support Lance Armstrong

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There are many who will take the time to hate on Lance Armstrong over the next few weeks. I will not be among them. The reason is simple, sometimes people disappoint you. Sure, it would have been nice had Lance won those races fair and square, but he chose not to. I won't hold it against him because I never followed racing anyway.

The American culture is too prone to hero worship, but at the same time we enjoy knocking them down when they fail to live up to our expectations. Here's the thing, that is about us not the person. We choose who to endear, worship, and go all gaga over. We chose to define everyone as role models. We chose to become emotionally invested in people who have done nothing for us, but entertain us, and then we choose to destroy them when they don't measure up in our eyes.

But, it is also a fickle distribution system with the "outrage" because it is not towards rapist and murderers as much as it is with people who play sports or act on a TV/Film screen.  We live and breath based on what THEY do, when most of the time it has zero to do with us.

Tiger Woods screwed around on his wife and was eviscerated in the media, while our former President, Bill Clinton is now worshiped and enjoys high popularity. Here's the thing, Clinton's actions affected EVERYONE, while Wood's did not.

People will want to destroy Lance because it's easy to take cheap shots from the spectator section. In this 24 hour news cycle we live in, no one gets a free pass anymore. That is sad. Back when JFK was cheating on his wife IN the White House, the media respected his office, but now when a man cheats riding a bike, they want to camp out at his door and find ways to add to the destruction. Not because it is important, but for ratings and views.

It is easy to throw stones at people who have disappointed us, but I can't when I know that I have disappointed others. I can't help destroy someone for entertainment. So, while I am disappointed with what Lance did, he does not owe me anything. If anything, I wish him well, and that he shows the world that THIS will not be the defining moment for him. Others have overcome far worse and I think a man who has beaten cancer twice and helped others deal with it, will be able to do the same.

Just a thought, as you pick up your stone to throw at Lance, look in the mirror first and pray that no one has one aimed at you for the harm you did to them. Just because it doesn't play out in public doesn't mean you didn't do it.
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jasmine w said...

Excellent article! Really enjoyed reading.