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Birthday Month Post One

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I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my birthday. Some would even say I can go a touch overboard, but who cares. It is a time to celebrate ME. Yes, that selfish word we are all supposed to pretend we put last. As I have been reflecting on my life, I must say, I have been mostly happy. 

I was thinking about my Father, whose birthday would have been today. He would have been 105. He had me when he was almost 60. Cool, huh?

One thing my dad instilled in me was to have a love for learning. He was a high school graduate, which was very uncommon for men his age. My grandmother was a teenager when she had him, and education was something which stuck with both her sons and now me.  

The other thing he helped me discover was a love for music. Ask anyone, I am a music freak. So, in his honor, I present a favorite of mine, and a song that some would say has been my life theme. 

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