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Repercussions of People Making Bad Choices

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My friend had dialed the cell to a friend who was beyond late. They answered and all you could hear was what was going on in the background. Basically, a confrontation was going on, and a man she owed money to for her past drug purchases was threatening her. The last thing we heard before the called dropped was him tell telling her to "shut the phone off Bitch."

I lay awake for a while wondering how she had gotten into this mess. And, then it occurred to me, because it was all she knew. Where as I am in dog heaven if I go to spend the day in Hollywood or at the Getty, she hangs with people who want to keep her tied to drugs and crime.

This woman has spent the last few years dealing with the repercussions of her choice to do crack. It has sent her to prison, lost her a child, made her homeless, and made her unable to work. She has lost everything to it.

It would be easy to judge, and trust me, I am not very empathetic to people who CHOOSE to do illegal drugs. But what I am sympathetic to is people who don't know any better. What I do know is most of them come from dysfunctional families where drugs and alcohol are a way of life. I have to ask myself, how can they see who they can be when all they know is their history? They don't have someone in their corner cheering them on, and society enforces it by calls to throw them away.

How can they conquer drug addiction when Hollywood glamorizes it and the System criminalizes it? Unlike a Hollywood movie, the odds of seeing the friend who was in danger again are almost nil. If the dope man did not harm her, she is very likely going to get violated by her Probation Officer which means, back to prison, and her daughter will continue to grow up without her mother in her life.

The bad choice continues to reverberate like a stone hitting water.

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