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Are We Incapable of Celebrating Royal Baby News?

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Kate Middleton is in labor, and all the social media platforms are going gaga. Well, except the obligatory lemon suckers who seem to have nothing better to do than to tell other people the following:

1. There are more importantant things going on in the world.
2. Women have babies all the time, so why is this a big deal?
3. I don't care about this Royal Baby News.

Let me address each one separately.
1. Duh, no sh*t Sherlock. So, because there are problems in the world, we are not supposed to celebrate the joy of this birth? Problems will still be there, but we can share in someone's happiness if we want.

2. I wonder if the obviously "Stupid" stamped on your forehead wears off. The big deal is this baby, regardless of sex, will be an heir to the throne. You know, Charles, William, This baby. Two, this would have been the Late Diana's first grandchild, and some of us remember when William was born, so, we feel attached to him.

3. Uh, you do care. I shall prove it.
A. You tweeted about it. Ignoring is always an option.
B. You hashtagged it so people would read of it.
C. You just wanted to attention.
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