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My Top Five Smart Black Women of Twitter

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Fastcompany wrote a list of 25 Smart Women on Twitter which originally lacked any women of color. What's up with that. No worries though because The Huffington Post came to the rescue with it's own list.

I keep having to remind myself that some people just don't think Women of Color are smart and capable. We are not all on Welfare, and quite a few of us own businesses or darn good at our jobs.

I present my list, which unlike Fast Company's is not like  Ann Charles, just a bunch of people I know or want to know. My list is of people who I actually read their tweets. What a concept. Enjoy the snark it's included free of charge.

1.@MichaelaAngelaD- I met her briefly at the BET Experience. Nice lady, and wicked cool style. Oh, and she is a writer and activist which helps Women of Color embrace their beauty instead of the image America has of beauty (White, Twenty, and Blonde).

2. @CNNMariaW- Can you say awesome, accessible, and friendly? She is an editor for CNN and how could you miss that girlfriend is in AKA?

3. @Oprah- As in, you know, OPRAH. I can see how she was missed on the list what with founding a TV Network, a school, a magazine, and becoming the first Black woman Billionaire, and 25 years on regular TV.  Clearly, a total slacker. Yep, the oversight makes total sense to me.

4. @ShondaRhimes- Another slacker with producing multiple hit  TV shows. Anyone ever heard of  "Scandal" or "Grey's Anatomy?" So clearly, she is doing something wrong with a bunch of successful shows to her credit. Plus she  is able to get "Gladiators" going with a single Tweet.

Melinda Emerson

  5. @SmallBizLady- Melinda Emerson is host of #smallbizchat, one of the top chats on Twitter for entrepreneurs and wannabees. She is an author and just downright smart. Oh, and did I mention she is nice?

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Extremely Average said...

This is a fantastic list. I enjoyed the free helpings of snark that were included. Thanks.