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Fools Rush In

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It is said that to be wise, you have to not only have knowledge, but have applied it. You have to not only have learned for your mistakes, but avoid some by learning from the mistakes others have made.

I have been a freelancer for over seven years now, and the one thing that has always hit me funny are those who willfully choose to get duped. For example, ten people will have a post saying Company A is not paying or whatever the complaint is, and without fail some fool will then post, "I just signed up for them, will report on what happens." They think it's being clever, but it's not.

In my view, this is just a fool, who instead of believing what those previous to him have learned through experience, has to learn on his own that he will not get paid. My question is why? Why would you set yourself up to get taken advantage of?

One part is the "No one will get over on me" mentality, while the other is thinking people are just complaining, and the fault is not with the Company, but the person.

In life, we tend to do the same thing. The woman who cheats with a married man, but thinks he won't cheat on her. Or worse, the women who rushes into a relationship with a known abuser, but swears, he won't do it to her.

Why do fools rush in where even angels fear to tread? They have to learn the hard way through their own experience instead of being wise, and listening to those who have been there and done it. But is it a learning experience, if you already knew the truth, and still did it? Nope, I think it is willful and arrogant.

It doesn't mean they deserve to be duped, but it does mean that they don't know the difference between knowledge and wisdom.
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