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Are We Really That Cynical? My Dave Ramsey Experience

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I can be a cynic, but generally it is with good reason. You know, the Internet marketer trying to get you into their sales funnel type cynic. But, I know the REAL thing when I see it and hear it. I don't think that can be said of many. I think people have seen/heard the snake oil salesman so much that they are unable to detect the real business person.

Yesterday, I attended  Dave Ramsey's "EntreLeader" workshop. I had listened to him on and off on the radio for years. Some might say I am a devotee since I listen to his podcast and read his books. That might be a slight exaggeration since my new found interest in him only came from his podcast for entrepreneurs.

A couple a days before the event I had told a friend I was going to see him. In one fell swoop she considered him a charlatan based on ONE article over investing (which is not his focus). I assured her, that from what I know of him, he is not one of the funnel people. She said, so if you go to the meeting, he is not going to try to sell you anything?

Well I went to the workshop, and what I found sort of took me aback for a minute. I found an honorable man truly interested in helping people succeed in business. There was no pressure to sign up for things. In fact, the most popular thing was an Essentials pack which were books, and only one was his. He offers the books because he believes you have to be a reader.

Another thing which impressed me was that he did his own show. Meaning, as a writer, I have attended hundreds of seminars/workshops/expos and people on his level don't do their own show. They let someone else buy a business "opportunity" (ie, Robert Kiyosaki). With the exception of one segment, Ramsey taught the entire program.

I will be writing more about my experience on a different platform, but I wanted to go back to perception. When I got home, I teased my friend about her lack of interest in hearing about what I learned. To my amazement, she said she was not interested in hearing anything he had to say. I was amazed because it was a statement based on ONE article which wasn't even bad, it was just a disagreement over how much a person could make on investment returns. Again, not his primary, or even secondary area of focus.

It seems we are way too quick to paint  good people with the same brush as the fake gurus, particularly when it is without foundation or merit. Are we really that cynical that we are no longer even willing to do our due diligence before we paint someone with the charlatan brush?Or, better yet, if we know nothing of a person, we should not be casting opinions about them.

Earlier I said I know the real when I see/hear it, and I am convinced Dave Ramsey is the real deal. He is not a guy trying to trick or manipulate you into buying things you don't need or want. Heck, he didn't even require your email address which is Internet Marketing Blasphemy. What I saw was a man with a clear mission to help people.

I will keep you posted when I do the long version on Dave Ramsey. I think you will get a lot out of it.
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Anonymous said...

He may not have given you the hard sell, but that doesn't mean the event was worthwhile. I went to it also and found the information to be basic at best. And to make it even worse, Dave didn't come across as likable. Too grumpy...