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I have had the sad privilege of being with people as their loved ones have died.When it is a child, you can't help but have your heart broken. Today I was reading a blog post concerning how much money does or does not go to the over Ronald McDonald Houses for McDonald's Corp.
The writer was taking issue that the actual homes had to raise money since they are not fully funded by Corp. I few it as a community buy-in. If you can't sell your community on the idea and make it sustainable, then perhaps it's not needed there.

Anyway, as they and commenters ranted and raved, the thought occurred to me, "What have they done?" For the most part, a check here or there for some charity, but as I learned long ago, it's easy to take cheap shots from the cheap seats. It's easy to blame McDonald's for obesity and such, because it is the politically correct thing to do for the elite.
But, let's look at what the Ronald McDonald Houses does:
1. They provide housing to parents and kids who have weeks, if not months to stay for treatment. They receive meals, and a private bedroom at no cost, or if able, up to $25 per day.
2. Family rooms in the hospital. The amenities vary, but gives them a clean, safe place to be.
3. A mobile unit goes from place to place, giving assistance to those who don't have access to medical care.
4. They provide grants to other nonprofits doing health work.
5. They offer scholarships to those who might be unable to start or finish their higher learning due to costs.

So, with the millions of dollars raised and spent on helping other people, I just want to know, where's your check? Taking aim at companies doing good work is idiotic. It smacks in the face the thousands who have been helped by the programs by purposely casting doubt about it for no real purpose, but views on a blog.

Sorry, but when elitist start bashing others for not doing more, when they do little or nothing, there is a problem. This is a distraction from the real issue, saving a child's life, and allowing their parents to be with them.
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