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Why Dave Ramsey Teaches the Fundamentals

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Yesterday I did a blog post about my experience at a Dave Ramsey EntreLeader workshop. One commenter said the following:

Skipping the Foundation
"He may not have given you the hard sell, but that doesn't mean the event was worthwhile. I went to it also and found the information to be basic at best. And to make it even worse, Dave didn't come across as likable. Too grumpy..."

My take is that a business leader has to get down the fundamentals.  If a business does not have those down, they might join the 50 percent who are doomed. It's like in basketball, if you don't know how to dribble the ball, then the odds are you won't be playing.

As I have covered my fair share of business events, leaders, and such, the one thing which is clear is that people don't want to do the basic necessities. They always think they are past them. I would beg to differ. If you have a lot of turnover in your staff, then something is not working in the hiring process. Ramsey, who employs 400 people has five percent or less, so clearly something is working.

Second, the Internet is littered with thousands of fundamental questions because people don't take the time to study, read, and do their due diligence. If you have been in business for two years and have basic accounting questions, that says a lot. I have been there. I have around 75 clients, and in the beginning I did not do the work I needed to, so I had no clue of the client or the pay days. It was a mess. I had jumped ahead and done what others had told me to do and skipped over a legitimate process.

My point is that, too many people are skipping over the foundation,  so there is a need to go back and correct them. Based on some of the questions people as Ramsey, and others like him, pertaining to business, clearly the foundation has not be laid.

As for the grumpy...well, I tend to be a direct person. I didn't perceive him as grumpy as much as funny. I also felt he was sure in what he wanted. He wasn't looking for permission to be himself. I can appreciate this since I am direct, and sometimes forget to add tact to the equation. I have been known to tell  people to get to the bottom line, particularly when someone is trying to sell me something.

I have been in the room with some  great men and women business leaders, and I can assure you they are not all smiles and daisies. They are usually very direct. One, which I remember like yesterday, since it was directed at me, was so on point it caused me to change my business. While everyone else was all "Isn't that sweet?" She was like, "Your plan is not producing money. You are not getting paid what you are worth, and my guess is because you don't think you deserve to get paid what you are worth." Well, uh, darn, she was right. Had she not taken that stand, I would still be in the same sinking boat I was in.

So, if Dave Ramsey is teaching business fundamentals or is direct, it's because people need it. In my experience covering business, it is not the big stuff that is causing businesses to fail, but lots of overlooked little things. You can't climb to success by skipping the steps. You might find yourself  in the has been pile.
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