Del Williams


I'm Tired of the Apologies

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I know that it is easier to get forgiveness than it is to get permission, but it seems we are going overboard. It seems like every week there is some big broohaha over something someone said that they have to apologize for. Case in points: 1. Melissa_Harris-Perry of MSNBC thought making fun of a Black baby being adopted in a White family would be appropriate, but of course, now she has cried her crocodile tears and issued an apology. The truly funny part was that she herself was born into the same type of family this baby was adopted by, so that almost makes the jokes worse. 2. John Mohr thought fat shaming the gorgeous Alyssa Milano was the way to go. Then he too apolorgized. In an Industry where the expectations of women are insane when it comes to weight, the thought of brining up her weight should not have even crossed his mind. In both cases, the "victims" were just used as jokes for comedians and TV presenters. There was nothing funny about either joke, and they were unnecessary. If you have to make fun of other people to be funny, there is a problem with that, like maybe you need another job. Using a defenseless baby and a woman who have done nothing is just weak. It's going for the lazy cheap joke instead of the kinds that take talent and skill. So, sorry, but I am tired of the apologies. I am tired of people proving over and over again they need to learn the difference between a joke and a jab, and that it is not the responsibility of those who listen to "know" they were jokes. Again, jokes are funny.
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