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Sex Trafficking is Modern Day Slavery

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It's hard to imagine that at one time Black people were bought and sold, and those doing it thought it was Okay. But then, Hitler murdered over 4 million Jews, and he was able to gather people to help him do it, so perhaps I can imagine. Some say they don't believe in evil. I believe, because our history has shown it to us. It may not be the red devil with pitchfork and fire, but it the evil within humanity when those who do harm are aided instead of shown for the people they are. The current day thing is we want to "understand" and "sympathize" lest we be thought of as being judgmental. Well, perhaps some judgments need to happen because too much evil is prevailing. Black people may not be in chains today, and no one is turning on ovens to kill Jews anymore, but evil still exists. It seems to have expanded. It may not look like it did 200 years ago, because there is something worse, and that is stripping people of their dignity, making them beg for a dime, or the preference of shaming and ignoring versus acknowledging and helping with a solution.
Sex Trafficking: Over 27 million are involved in what is being called modern day slavery. Those buying and selling women and children earn over $15 billion per year. Of those, 244,000 children each year are entered in the sex trade are between the ages of 12 and 14. Source: Polaris
We have become a nation of blaming the victims for their lot in life. Blaming and shaming has not proved helpful, so how about we try something else, like helping. Too often, people think "It's not me" so they refuse to help. Well, the time I have spent on this earth has shown me one thing, what you count on today can be gone tomorrow. The marriage, the house, or the job can all be gone, so looking down on those who are there, is not tough love or helpful, but evil.
The fight today is for good people to stop going along and start speaking up for the new victims who have lost their voice based on their circumstances. Women and children being sold for sex is our modern day slavery. It is our destiny to free them lest history repeat itself and we find ourselves counting the numbers lost and dead by our inaction.
I started off this post talking about slavery and the Holocaust and how millions of lives were lost because good people did nothing. I leave you with this thought, just as the Blacks and Jews had their rescuers, we know from the results that it was too few, and in many cases, help came too late. We know we can help the women and children, but the question is, are we willing to?
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