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Molly Kate Kestner's "His Daughter" Resonates

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  In this day where women singers are little more than sex objects, scantily clad, and songs that are generally about a man, it is refreshing to hear a real song about life sung by Molly Kate Kestner.

The song is “His Daughter,” and it is a powerful story song of one woman’s life from witnessing a drunken father at the age of six, becoming a teenage mother, and on her death bed at the ripe old age of 99.

Interspersed in the story is her calling out to a God she is not sure is there to help her to overcome the pain, be a good mother, and telling her son that he was an answer to her prayer.

What a gift to give a child. In this time where it seems that children are thought of as inconveniences by many, here is a woman who basically says that although he was not planned, he was what she needed.

How does a young girl of 18 tell such a powerful story, and present a message so strong that within days of her posting it on Facebook for her family and friends, she has over 1.6 million views? It’s simple, the song has resonated with the masses. Women who had their children as teenagers are posting to her that the song was their story.

When you are presented a song, the important thing is to be able to sell it to those listening to it. She has done that, even though it is not her story. She says when she wrote the song a year ago, that she felt she understood the woman in it.

Molly has her head on straight, although she is in the midst of a social media storm. The news media has made the story global, producers and music labels have called her wanting to talk, and she is taking it all in stride.

 She said her goal for her life was to be a motivational speaker and to encourage people with her music. I would say, mission accomplished.

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