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Getting Back to My Center

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When I was young, regardless of what was going on, music was my "safe" place. If I could just listen for a while, then I knew my mood or attitude would be adjusted. Of course, I didn't know of all the studies that prove the power of music on a person's emotions, but it worked.
My go to song was "Ooh Ooh Child" by The Five Stairsteps. Clearly, I was a "deep" kid.

In my teens it was the swimming pool. I could swim out whatever was going on. Not that the problems would go away, but their influence over me would lessen. I could respond better, and usually didn't have to regret my decisions later.

Over the last year or so, I have been belly aching about the lack of conversation on Twitter, and no matter what I did, nothing was working. Sure, people talked from time to time, but not like the old days of the early adopters. People moved on to the next "big" thing.
I had stipped who I followed years ago, but I went back over it yesterday, and the answer was staring me in the face. I was not following people anymore, but news pushers and people who were just autoposting. So, I unfollowed 1700 accounts of 2000. Yeah, when I downsize, even Wall Street takes notes (kidding).
I can't force people to talk to me, but I can do my part of getting rid of the noise that didn't help me see those worthy of my time and attention.
Just like the days of going to music or the pool, when I get back to my center, attitudes have a way of adjusting.
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