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Not My Circus, Not My Monkeys

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Every once in a while someone feels the need to tell me how I make them feel bad. They accuse me of coming across as angry. OK, direct and angry can be confusing to the sensitive. Anyway, this time I looked at my stream to see where this particular "anger" could be lurking.
What I discovered was, there was none. Nine out of ten of my post on Twitter were retweets (repost) of someone else's content. The odd moment that I said anything was generally to congratulate or tease someone. Oh, and I asked a question. How dare I do that, bad woman that I am.
I then went over to Facebook to see if the anger was hiding there. Nope, just a bunch of pictures from Anime Expo, and one off comments that pertained to MYSELF, never anyone else.
So, my conclusion is this, someone was just projecting their own stuff on to me. I am good. I am never purposely mean to anyone. And, yes, I do like to ask questions.
My point being, if I was angry or mean then I would admit to it, and adjust. What I won't stand for is being accused of something I am not. Translation: Not my circus, not my monkeys.
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