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Adrian Peterson Used Charity Funds for Orgy

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It seems the slide from perfection continues for Adrian Peterson. A while back we learned that this grown man thought using a switch on a four-year-old kid was being a good parent. My twitter stream was filled with other Black parents saying they got beaten as kids and they turned out OK.
I think some people are just plain stupid, and don't get it. When we didn't know any better, that was fine, but we know better. And people using ONE verse from the Old Testament as justification to hit their kids are wilfully being ignorant.
However, Peterson seems to have missed the memo that you can't use charity funds to pay for orgies. This man makes millions, and used funds meant to help at-risk-youth, particularly girls. So, let's see, he and his underage brother basically passed the women around like toys, according to the report. I realize Peterson is only 29 and came from a hard background. But, sadly this is a case where talent has taken him where his character can't keep him.
His history shows an extraordinary amount of disrespect for women, so why he had a charity focused on them is a mystery to me. Add to that, many of the places he supposedly says he donated to are claiming they never received money from it.
This may be a career ender, but only because of fickle fans who move from one idol to the next, but this does not have to be a spirit breaker. Sadly, nothing he has done has not been done before, and people were able to sweep it under the rug or get past it. The orgy thing, he just has to pay back, and it was over 3 years ago, so the only reason it is an issue now is the media loves to keep tearing down people once they get their hooks in them.
What I see here is a man who needs real Black men to mentor him, and not require any money for it. What he and many others find out quickly is that money brings false friends and trouble sends them away like leaves in the wind.
I want to be angry at Peterson, but I find myself sad for him. Sad that he won't get the help, because it's much easier to discard him.

Source: AOL
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