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The One Question No One Asked on Ladies of London

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I admit it, I love British themed shows. I started watching Ladies of London, and after all the dust from the drama had cleared, I had one question: Why didn't Charice have the baby shower at her house?
Throughout the eight episodes the ladies went to each other's houses or businesses, but not once was that the case with Charice. OK, granted, she was 7 months pregnant, but by having the shower at her home that would have made it more convenient since it would have meant not having to transport the gifts to her home.
Was that the deal with Ty (her boyfriend) to not allow the girls in her home? We see her going everywhere, including the 45 minute drive to Caroline's where she acted like a brat in episode 7 and 8.
As it stands now, the boys are almost one, and she never had a shower after turning down the one from Caroline and having to leave for L.A. for the birth of the first baby.
In fact, if you look at it from the outside, Charice caused the drama throughout the season, but never gave the girls an upside.
I realize she wanted to cash in on By Charice using Bravo, but she could have done at least one thing at her home or the shop for the girls.
And can someone help me out, does Noelle have a job?
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