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Will The Real Black Men Stand Up

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My BFF and I sometimes view life from very different perspectives. We have not been in each other's shoes, so it is easy to become myopic in our views. It does not mean we are not open to hearing other views, it just means we probably won't change our mind.
I am the more vocal of the two. There is very little that you won't know where I stand on something, and sometimes that makes me stand alone. As a Christian and, or Black person, for some reason I am supposed to be FOR hitting, beating, and spanking, but I am not. As a Black person, the Democrats are supposed to have my vote locked up, they do not.
I am the one who throws a wrench in things and asks questions instead of just accepting things the way they have always been. When Adrian Peterson was charged with child abuse, I said he was wrong. Other Black influencers started a hashtag which basically said it was a cultural thing. There is nothing cultural about beating a 4 year old with a switch and leaving him bloody. That is abuse. period.
Today news came out that he used funds from a charity meant to help at-risk youth so he and his underage brother could have an orgy. So my question is, where are the influencers now? Why are their vocal condemnations not as loud as the praise they were heaping on him for abusing a 4-year-old? Or for when he gets a touchdown?
You won't hear it, because they will do what is tradition and step away from him. He will probably notice his phone calls won't be answered and people are extremely busy all of a sudden. If you want to spout culture as a reason for abuse, then why not spout it to mentor this man before he does become lost like millions of other men of color.
This guy has talent, no question, but it is also clear that his character is not on the same level. He has not learned to be a real man. A man doesn't exploit women, nor teach his brother to do the same. A real man doesn't use money meant to help people to hurt people. Where are the men who will teach him? Sadly, they are running away from him.
I may stand alone in my views, but at least I take a stand and don't pretend that it doesn't matter. It does matter. It is time for Black men to make the news for doing good stuff instead of becoming statistics. The faux leaders of the Black movement like Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton are quick to call people racist, why are they not as quick to admit that there is a cultural problem that we helped create since we treat our own as disposable goods.Will the real Black men stand up.
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