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Are We a Nation of Moochers?

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Mark Zuckerberg announced he was going to read a book every two weeks in 2015 and invited his 30 million followers to join him.

It looks like a little over 180,000 have taken him up on his offer, but that’s not the whole story. Now well into the second week of the book, there are post upon post trying to figure out how to get the book for free. Not because they can’t afford it, or live in a developing Nation, but they don’t want to put out cash for a book.

It has me wondering, are we a nation of moochers? Taylor Swift made headlines when she removed her catalog of music from Spotify due to lack of payment. Some boo hooed her, but she had a point. Of the 60 million subscribers, only 15 million actually pay for the service. In other words, 75% of the listeners are doing it for free. They listen to ads, but that still does not solve the problem.

The odd thing is people have been bellyaching about the demise of books, and let’s not forget the tons of complaints about authors not getting paid properly. So, it baffles me why people would think stealing a book for a volunteer reading program even comes to people’s minds, except they have convinced themselves they are entitled to it.

It is a sad day in the world when a $9 kindle book has people committing crimes. So, are we just a nation of moochers?
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