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Finding Your Voice...Again

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Ever read about people whose friends used to describe as lively and outgoing, but something changed, so when you meet them, you find them almost cold and withdrawn? I have been thinking about how we sometimes stop using our voice, because sometimes it’s just easier to not rock the boat. Sometimes it appears easier to go with the status quo and rest in mediocrity.

Women are particularly vulnerable to this. They tend to go silent to get rid of the critics. To hear some tell it, the only point of women is for looks and sex. Think about it, almost everything which is viewed positively in men, is viewed negatively if displayed by a woman. For example, women are not supposed to be ambitious, smart, or assertive, because the translation means they are b*tches.  Considering this is 2015, these ancient views of what a woman should be and do, are beyond outdated.

I have always been rather talkative, but I noticed after one time too many of being told that, I did stop (for the most part). I noticed that I was very selective in who could see the chatty side of me. Oddly enough, it even effected my writing. The words which were coming from me seemed rehearsed and forced versus writing from the heart and my experience.

Online women are silenced from sharing their views, because trolls think threats of rape and death are the way to keep them in check. Sadly, this strategy has been far too effective. It has been reported in numerous outlets that some women have had to flee their homes due to threats. What makes it more egregious is the same types of behavior done offline by the offenders would result in arrests, but the law has not caught up with online tactics. In fact, the key phrase many police tell the victims of the threats is to ignore them, which is easier said than done. More importantly, the victim should not have to endure criminal behavior.

There will never be a solution to the trolls, or the people who prefer women to be seen and not heard, so the only thing people like me (chatterboxes of the world) can do is to keep talking. The world needs to hear our stories from us.

With all the talk about finding your purpose, suppose, yours and mine is to share words of encouragement, wisdom, and warning. Suppose we are here to be not only the listening boards, but the voice of reason or sanity when the world seems to be going out of its mind. Suppose our purpose is to speak and live our truth, so others can find their voices. Just suppose our voices could make a difference.
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