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Oprah Remembers Civil Rights Legends

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Oprah Remembers Civil Rights Legends
Oprah is doing a tribute to honor civil rights legends. She first did this in 2005 for women who she felt paved the way for women in generation and beyond.

I understand the need to say thank you to those who not only created a path, but were willing to show us the way.

I don’t recall seeing the original legend’s ball when Oprah first did it, but around Christmas time of 2014, I did, and I was oddly effected by it.

I kept watching it over and over, because I got it. I understood what she was trying to do. We so often forget or take for granted what we can do or become today.

Years ago, Cedric the Entertainer made a joke (bad one) about Rosa Parks and Jesse Jackson in the movie ‘Barbershop.” It caused an uproar which required phone calls and apologies.
You see, Rosa Parks is a true icon and legend. What she did made much of what we have possible, but people in my generation and after, sometimes forget.  

So Oprah saying thank you on our behalf is good. These people deserve to be thanked for the price they paid, so that I can be who I want to be. In fact, the words on this page are a testament to what they accomplished. 
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