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Terrorists Are to Blame And No One Else

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As Paris was being attacked, I was stunned by the hateful and cowardly act which brought it about. As is the norm, I took to Twitter to see what was going on. What I found was far too many placing blame at every Muslim, Paris, the USA, or all of them combined. Few placed the blame at the feet where it belonged, that of the terrorists.

I have to wonder why, we as a society tend to blame the victims for everything. If a woman is raped, we say it was what she was wearing or how she was acting, when the blame squarely belongs to the rapist. I use this as an example, because when you blame Paris or the victims who died, you are in a way raping them. You have unknowingly justified the act by siding with the terrorist.

You are saying they should have done something to prevent it. Considering we now know this is the work of ISIS, there was no way to prevent this cowardly act which killed over 150 people, and injured hundreds more.

According to their own manifesto, "they want to engage in some sort of global Jihad against the world and force all the people's of the book (Christians and Jews) to convert to Islam and kill every other non-Muslim." So, they have a lofty, unreachable goal, but think by murdering people who do not join them, that they can reach their goal.

These are not people who can be reasoned with or bribed. The only course is to destroy them lest their ideas spread. They have even been able to infiltrate and recruit lonely middle-class teenagers via social media sites such as Twitter. Anonymous has waged a war on them, and has gotten over 9500 accounts belonging to ISIS supporters and recruiters through #OpISIS. 

The terrorist act is not the fault of anyone, but the ones who did it. To say or imply anything else is wrong, and just feeds into their desire to destroy those who don't think like or join them. We may say we don't want war, but the reality is, the war has started, and we can sit there and allow the enemy to win, or be the brave people we are and destroy this evil group. 

ISIS is raging a war against the idea of freedom, women, and Religion (and Atheism). We cannot sit back and blame those who have been their victims. We must stand up to them, or die trying. 
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