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They Don't Mean Me

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I had this huge epiphany the other day. It has finally dawned on me that political and brand messages don't apply to me..for the most part. I came to this conclusion because I don't fit the mold.

  • White woman
  • blonde hair
  • blue eyes
  • thin
  • college student or mom
  • $75, 000 per year or above
  • Liberal
  • Feminist
In fact, I not only don't fit the mold, I shatter it. So, all those political speeches and brand advertising are not about me. In fact, the only time I am thought of is as an insult. The political media has said that I only voted for Obama was because I was Black. Yet, they also admit that neither party wins without the Black vote. Hmmm. 

I'm not saying it's all a bed of roses for the White stereotypical woman either, since if you do fit the bill and are a beautiful woman, they think you are a bimbo. Throw in some boobs, and they won't even hear you speak. 

So, here is my view. I think too many take advantage or ignore my vote They will sell me some overpriced kicks, but then shame me for the extravagant expense. I can have a cellphone, but how dare I have a smartphone, and an expensive one at that (Samsung Note 5, baby). I am just a means to an end, and when that end has been met, I no longer matter. 

I had never thought of how much I am ignored based on my color and/or my gender,  I often feel bewildered when someone acts surprised that I am smart. If you could hear the shock in their voices, as if they never met a smart person before, you would understand why it feels so insulting.

I wonder though, how often I play small to get past the message the media constantly conveys that because of my color and gender I am an angry black woman. I also must be on welfare with upteen kids and a bunch of baby daddies. I am supposed to be uneducated and uninformed. I don't go camping, because Black people just don't do that. Well, they got me on the camping, but only cause I have just never been or had the opportunity. I did sleep outside once in a tent, that should count. 

I jest, but the words used to describe women like me are not flattering, except when my vote or money are needed. That to me seems wrong, but more than that, it's shortsighted.  It is acceptable in America to ignore Black women because the perception of who we are is negative. It is reinforced multiple times daily in the media, even in fictional television shows.

Why should I be held to a different standard than  my white friends? Who decided that I am not worth the effort to win my vote except every four years to give someone a win? Who decided that I can be ignored?

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