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Azaelia Banks Apologizes, But Misses The Point

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Azaelia Banks
Hats off to Azaelia Banks for finally apologizing, but considering it took Twitter shutting down her account, and the bogus ones she opened to get around the suspension, it seems she still doesn't get it.
For months now she has bullied and trolled people far more famous than she will ever be, just because she thinks that's how you get attention.
When she was shutdown by Twitter, she tried to make it a race issue, saying it was because she is Black and attacked a White person, uh, nope. The thing is the people she has attacked she probably doesn't even know, since all of them are far more successful than she is.
She claims to be angry, and tweets from that anger. Well, a valid question would be, why is she so angry? Is it because these people she attacks are more successful than she is? I think that is a large part of it, but not the only part.
I seriously believe she is trying to make a name for herself. Sadly, she has deciding to do that via trolling and bullying instead of with her talents. The other issue might be that she is mentally ill and doesn't know the effects of her words. Her racist, homophobic, and even sexist remarks show a woman who is ignorant of the times we live in. Being a bully should not pay off for her, or anyone, since it encourages the behavior.
She gloats over getting negative headlines, because she sees it as an affirmation that people know who she is. They don't, no more than they know the people in the accident they slow down to see. People are just curious.
If Azaelia Banks wants to be known more for her talent than her almost daily bullying, she may need to step away from social media, or hand it over to a management company, because I don't think she is one who learns from her mistakes. In fact, I think she simmers, and once she gets her account back, she's just going to look for new bullying targets. She apologized because she had to. She always apologizes or deletes the offensive tweets, but never seems to learn. Worse is that some of her behavior has turned physical, inciting violence by calling for the gang rape of a woman, and spitting in a man's face.
Azaelia Banks is a ticking time bomb, and that type of person does not need a platform to air her hatred, but a place to get help.
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