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Conflicting Feelings Over Grant Cardone

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Recently I started listening to and reading content by Grant Cardone. The conflict is that his content is great, but how he treats people is such a turnoff, that it has created this feeling. In fact, I can't figure out why it bothers me so much except that I don't understand the purpose of disrespecting and humiliating someone for sport.

In this video as he is explaining his idea that he is going to audition people for a job since actually calling it an interview would get him sued, his wife tries to tell him that he can go too far. Watch his response to her, and watch her back down.

In another case, a youngster who is auditioning for a job, owes him money for one of his courses. He basically forces the kid to pay him his money. Yes, the money was owed, and it was kinda strange to audition or interview for a job with the person who you owe money to, but the way Grant Cardone handled it really was a lesson in how to humiliate a person and then post it online to further humiliate them.

I know I can be really direct and have to remind myself to be kind. I think it's a lesson that needs to be taught to Grant Cardone. Making enemies with people is not the way to build a business. Maybe this guy learned not to get into debt again, or maybe he spent his rent money to settle the debt, so he wouldn't be embarrassed again. Or, maybe he no longer looks up to Cardone, and thinks he's a douche.
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