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Calvin Harris Bullying Taylor Swift For Publicity

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Calvin Harris, or Adam Wiles is a Scottish DJ. One of the top in the world, but before he started dating Taylor Swift, he was not on A-level status. They dated a year, and she moved on and started dating someone else. That should be the end of it, but sadly, Calvin Harris is trying to keep himself in the spotlight by bashing Taylor Swift whenever he needs a quick PR moment.

Since the end of the relationship, Calvin Harris has bullied Taylor Swift via Social Media, the latest was a rant on Twitter after it was confirmed by her staff that she had written the lyrics to his latest tune, This is What You Came Here For. He insists she or her team leaked this info to make him look bad.

Since Calvin Harris is making people have to choose sides, I'm going to have to go with Taylor on this. First, she hasn't given him the satisfaction of a response, so all the media is just running with him bashing her in one way or another. Second, since the breakup, it is Calvin Harris who has continually brought her name up. Wonder if it's for PR, or much more sinister since his behavior is that of a bully or Internet Troll of women , particularly his popular exes.

  • 1. When he broke up with Rita Ora, he blocked her from using any of the music of a song he produced, which she did the vocals for. He then went on Twitter to say there were two sides, but never explained or justified what most in the industry considered a jerk move.
  • 2. He is the one who announces his breakups via Twitter, but only the popular women he dated Rita Ora and Taylor Swift. He claims they are amicable, before he goes on to try to harm them professionally.
  • 3. He, or someone he knows leaks similar reason for breakup, basically it's because the women are popular: A. Rita: 'Calvin likes more privacy than Rita and he hated the extra attention that came with being her boyfriend.' B. Taylor: He wants a girlfriend without the fame, twitter followers, or paparazzi, a normal girl.
  • 4. He, or someone close to him started bashing Taylor Swift via now deleted Instagram comments.
  • 5. He went on a rant on Taylor, because it leaked, and was confirmed that she wrote the lyrics on his hit with Rihanna, This is What You Came Here For. A song he stated she had nothing to do with. Oops.

  • 6. He claimed she was trying to Bury him by admitting she wrote the lyrics, but oddly it was after he supposedly complimented her song writing.

  • 7. He brought up the media fueled feud with Katy Perry. A feud that was in 2012, before Taylor ever met him, and where Katy Perry feels obligated to take a swipe at Taylor Swift at every opportunity. The reason he did it is that Katy has over 90 million Twitter followers to his 7.91 million. By bringing her into his tirade, he knew she would respond, which she did.

  • talking, and tabloids need to have eyeballs, and she sells papers.
  • 8. He caused her to be trolled and bullied by his fans with a #TaylorSwiftPartyisSoOver hashtag and them posting snake emojis her Instagram photos.

  • All through this, Taylor Swift has said nothing about Calvin Harris. NOTHING. So, the one who has benefited from these public passive-aggressive temper tantrums has been Calvin Harris. For a bit Taylor Swift will receive some backlash since only he is talking, and tabloids need to have eyeballs, and she sells papers.

    My point is that the actions of Calvin Harris are that of a bully. He accused Taylor Swift of controlling the media, but since the breakup, he has done everything he can to keep himself in the media by using her name or making bitter remarks via his Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter.

    He may jealous this his former love moved on, or a bitter Ex trying to stay relevant by bashing a strong woman, who did nothing more than walk away. Whatever he is, disturbing tops the list. He may be talented, but his actions makes one question his character.
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