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FAQ: Leave Church or Stay

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The choice to leave a church I attended was one of the hardest decisions I ever had to make. I had been trained all my adult life that you just don’t do that. You stick it out, regardless of the circumstance.

My decision to leave was because of my then pastor leading the church into backing a serial adulterer. Those who had knew of the minister’s reputation were ridiculed, bullied, and viewed as agents of Satan.

When the truth was revealed, my pastor did not apologize, but made excuses. The man who was supposed to be teaching me about God couldn’t see what was right in front of him. He saw what he wanted to see.

My background had taught me that I was supposed to put up with this, and just chalk it up to human error, but I saw something worse. I saw people who fell for everything when it came with bells and whistles (signs and wonders). The Bible refers to these types as having itching ears. If it is what they want to hear, see, or believe, then they will ignore the obvious warnings.

God does not call for us to be sheep led astray by every wind of doctrine or mankind. He does not call us to ignore common sense. If something seems off to you, pray about it, and then when you have the facts (not rumors or gossip) then decide what is best for you.

When Moses saw what was happening to his people, he left what he knew. He left the familiar and the safe, and went to help his people. Even after all he had left, the people murmured when they came upon adversity. He didn’t turn his back on them. In fact, he interceded with God on their behalf, who wanted to wipe them out.

You may not leave your church, but if you choose to do so, it does not mean that God will love you any less, or that you are out of the will of God. Having values and principles means doing what is right for you, not for someone’s ego. The truth is guarding your heart is what God calls you to do. Taking care of your spirit is not rebellion, but to be commended. You are a creation of God, and are responsible for yourself in that regard.

The same God that spoke to Moses can speak to you through His word. You may not know what to do, but God knows. If you will humbly listen to Him, he is willing to tell you His heart and will for you.

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Nancy Wallace said...

The decision to leave a church can be agonising, as can coping with the reactions of others in that church. Sometimes it is the best thing to do in difficult circumstances. The sad thing is that many who leave after a bad experience never try to find another church/Christian community. Not all churches are the same. Not all pastors are the same. I think the key thing when disillusioned with a particular church or even the church as a whole is to stay connected with Jesus. Maintaining that relationship and following him is what matters. In some church communities the focus can all be on the leader and not on the head of the church, Jesus Christ.