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How to Maintain Your Android Smartphone

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Smartphones should be considered almost like car. Meaning they should be updated and maintained in order for them to keep running.   One of the top things I see are people who don’t do basic upkeep of their phones. Phones they have paid, or are paying hundreds of dollars for. Here are some times on how to care for your smartphone.
  • Update your OS when you are alerted to do so. You should be on WIFI if possible since they are usually large files. This will usually only be three times per year and are usually just security updates.
  • Update apps that need it by WIFI at least once per week. The longer you delay, the less reliable the app will be. Some won’t even work without updating. Set your notifications in the Play Store to update via WIFI only. You will see a notice of the name or number of apps which need to be updated. When you first get a phone, they will all need to be updated.
  • Write down your passwords for Google. This baffles me that people rely on their memory, and can’t even remember the answers to recover their password. Since Lollipop 5.1.1 if a phone is hard reset, it requires the information from the last account, and if the password has been recovered or changed, it takes up to 72 hours to get back into the phone.
  • Set up your own phone. One of the reasons some people don’t remember their information is because they let someone else set it up for them. In fact, do it at the store as you are buying the phone so you can have someone help you if you are unfamiliar with how to do this.
  • Don’t download apps that you don’t know how to use or how it will affect your phone. Many download extra security apps, cache cleaning apps, and battery savers. All of them end up making the higher end phones drain the battery faster and mess up the system. In higher end phones all these features are already included.
  • Don’t use Iris scanners and fingerprints as sole security methods. If the phone can’t read them for whatever reason, you will be locked out of your phone. Always set up at least two fingers for security just in case you cut your finger or it’s wet.
  • Put a case on your phone. Phones are expensive, and fixing them is as well. A cracked screen could cost $200. The best are Tech 21 and Otterbox. Spending $69 can save you from hundreds of dollars of repairs not covered by insurance or warranty.
  • Don’t overcharge your phone. Every phone battery is designed to work for 2000 to 3000 cycles. By charging it when it’s not necessary, you are cutting down the length the battery will work.
  • Allow Google to upload your photos automatically. The saddest thing is when people lose their photos because their phone has completely stopped working. It’s an unnecessary loss. At minimum, if capable, use a microSD card to hold your photos.
  • Get to know your phones capabilities. A person who is just using their phones for calls and texts don’t need a $800 phone. It’s sort of an overkill. 

By maintaining your phone, you can expect it to last for at least two or three years. If it is not properly maintained, then you will have to purchase another one sooner. With proper care, you will get the best from your phone.
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