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I'm Not Your Guru Review

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The stories are compelling.  The documentary style is top notch. In "I'm Not Your Guru" Tony Robbins takes you behind the scenes of one of his major conferences.  Overall  it has everything a person who follows success gurus can understand.

Since I have watched,  read,  listened to,  and seen Tony Robbins in person I can attest to the fact that he is truly high energy. If you didn't know his work,  you would think he was over the top or even fake. It so not.

The one thing I did worry about while watching was the way he dealt with some people. It seemed at times like he was angry.  It also seemed that some of it was for the camera. I realize a week's worth of content was edited down to two hours,  but in some places there was no context so it made the advice,  reaction,  or actions seem disjointed. The example that comes to mind is that of the woman who broke up with her boyfriend in front of the audience by cellphone. 

I like that they have team leaders and break the people into groups. The style of the show was of Tony Robbins planning the day,  staff meetings,  and spotlighting a person who fits the theme. You get glimpses of the content,  but definitely not enough to make a case for or against what's being taught.

I love the title of the film since we tend to make people like Robbins gods,  and act like they know more about our lives than we do.  I do like that he emphasizes that we are not broken.
Overall,  I would recommend watching the film.  The main thing you can learn is how to command an audience.  There are public speakers,  and then there are communicators,  Tony Robbins is the later.
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