Del Williams


America Gives In To Hate and Hopelessness

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America is a grand experiment in Democracy. Last night millions used their main tool (voting) as a means to vote in as President-elect Donald Trump. For nearly two years he has bullied and spewed hate at every turn. Americans found that appealing. They found a man who could belittle women, and be baited with a tweet as honest. They are right, it was honest. It showed the hate and vile which filled his heart. The question now is can those who voted for him live under the burden he will bring on America. Once a shining beacon, now the laughing stock of the world.

It grows worse for minority groups, who Trump and his cronies have constantly insulted and maligned. Christians said it was about the right to life. Nope. This had zero to do with that. This has to do with the lack of values he brings to the Country. He brings none worthy of admiration. Everything he stands for Christ admonished against.

What you really voted for:
1. Serial adulterer on his third wife
2. Lawsuits: He's got 4000 against him and his companies, 90 of which are still open.
3. Fraud: There's a lawsuit which starts this month showing he willfully defrauded thousands of people with phony claims.
4. Misogynist , he has it in spades.
5. Racist: Against Africa Americans, Mexicans, Jews, and Muslims.

For the next four years we will have to live with Presidency, but more importantly, spend that time recruiting people with real values to run for office.  If, by voting in Trump America has turned a page, which can never heal, then America, as a grand experiment will have come to failure.
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