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You Are Not Free To Treat People Like Shit

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What I am going to write may offend some of you,  so be prepared.  Yesterday I was looking for groups to join,  and Facebook suggested some that my friends belonged to.  Sadly this one person belonged to several groups which referred to Liberals as "libtards." At first I dismissed it,  but then I got pissed. 

You see,  it comes down to decency, not political correctness.  If you want respect,  you have to give it to others.  Second,  free speech is for protection from the government silencing you due to opposing views,  not  private individuals who exercised the same right to vote or not as you did.  If you are calling them names and they react,  it's not because they are being sensitive,  it's because there's no room for it.  We have had enough of bullying and belittling over shit which is really none of your damn business.

I normally don't give a crap what groups you belong to. Actually,  I never really notice.  This one got me because it was someone I respected,  but he was involved in multiple groups with the same sentiment.  Groups which refer to people like me as niggers,  lazy and stupid. Groups which pretend like people of color and gay people are the reasons for all the trouble in the world.  Uh,  nope.  Groups who feel entitled to something someone else built.

I have many friends who voted for Trump,  so this is not an anti-Trump message.  This is a human message.  A message that every human deserves to be treated with respect and decency.  When  you belong to groups which devalue me and others like me,  you have shown me your real views of me.  You see,  I don't ascribe to the "they may think that,  but I don't " club.  You do agree with them at some level,  so on no level do you have a place in my life.

Nikki Giovanni taught me that I'm not that hungry that I need to sit and eat at the same table who abhore my existence or that I don't like. Maya Angelou said,  when people show you who they are,  believe them the first time.
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